Para-Projections: Julia Colavita and Matthew Brennan

Curated by Holly Shen Chaves

Saturday and Sunday, June 2 & 3, 2012 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Brooklyn Fireproof East, 119 Ingraham Alley, Brooklyn NY

For the sixth year in a row, Arts in Bushwick presents Bushwick Open Studios 2012, June 1-3, a weekend-long arts + music festival in Bushwick, Brooklyn, during which artists Julia Colavita and Matthew Brennan will collaborate to transform borrowed space — a rented moving truck parked in the Brooklyn Fireproof alley — into a sculptural environment marked by multimedia assemblages of film, projection and sound.  Inside, notions of the cinematic are integrated with Colavita’s network of sinuous lines, cut-outs, found x-rays and film, which serve as the basis for her mylar sculpture constructions. Multiple light sources, including film shot by Brennan, are projected through these suspended, translucent forms to fill the space with both static and moving shadows.

Brennan’s reconstructed tape cassettes, which sample voices, ambient noise, static, and rhythmic beats, envelop the environment with fragmented sounds. Using a microphone he modified, which transcribes light into sound, Brennan further projects both elements into a rich textural soundscape. Viewers are also invited to play with the light sources themselves, allowing visitors to engage with sound and sculpture. Resurrecting these found, and in some cases obsolete, technologies of x-rays, film, and tape-cassettes, Brennan and Colavita offer viewers an immersive and multi-sensory environment.



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